Sponsoring an Checklist page

Why be a sponsor?

1) Shows your concern/help for customers even before they come to your store!
2) When someone is checking their list and find they need something your ad will be there; at the right place at the right time - when they need it!
3) If they print out the checklist your ad will always be there!
4) It is for a targeted audience, you pick the checklist that fits best!
5) One click and they are in your online store!
6) You can even help your customers by linking them to ChecklistMaker.com from your site!

What's the cost? Very little compared to others!

Our goal is to get $50 a month for sponsoring a page or
$500 for sponsoring a per page for a year.
Early adopters will get a price reduction!
And long term sponsors will get a price reduction!

What next?

To have us contact you please fill out this form.
Or contact us at:
Email: Webmaster@checklistmaker.com
Phone: 847-537-4378